New million-year-old bristle worm species from British Columbia’s Burgess Shale wiggles into evolutionary history January 22, , Royal Ontario Museum Life reconstruction of Kootenayscolex barbarensis. Discovered from the million-year-old Marble Canyon fossil site in the Burgess Shale in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, the new species helps rewrite our understanding of the origin of the head in annelids, a highly diverse group of animals which includes today’s leeches and earthworms. Although quite abundant in modern environments, their early evolutionary history, in particular the origin of their heads, is confounded by a relatively poor fossil record, with few species described from well-preserved body fossils near the evolutionary origins of the group. You need to look to truly exceptional fossil deposits like those found in the million-year-old Burgess Shale locality in British Columbia to find well preserved body fossils. Even then, they’re quite uncommon and many of the currently described species there are still poorly understood. It had a pair of long sensory structures called palps on its head, with a small medial antenna between them right. Its body was covered in fleshy appendages called parapodia which bear bristles called chaetae. These structures are used for movement.


Is the pace of business really getting quicker? The firm sells 1, iPhones, iPads or Macs every couple of minutes. It whips through its inventories in four days and launches a new product every four weeks. Manic trading by computers and speculators means the average Apple share changes hands every five months.

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And for the best part of a decade we have entered its world on a yearly basis. The Crusades, Renaissance Italy , Paris during the French Revolution , Colonial era America and the open seas , even Victorian London were all built for our sneaking, sailing, stabbing pleasure. The most wanted video games for the rest of To build such monuments with such startling regularity is no small feat. The settings were no less lavish, the distractions within no less bountiful, but the core of the game creaked under the pressure of its demanding schedule and failed to spark and innovate in the way you would hope.

Taking a year off in has potentially changed all that. Back to rich golden sands and towering pyramids. The year is 92 BC and you are Bayek, an honourable Medjay warrior roaming cities and sands to protect the innocent.

Bristle Mammoth uncovered under Michigan farm

John Cox talks California gubernatorial bid, immigration Republican businessman from San Diego was endorsed by President Trump via tweet. Republican businessman John Cox is shaking up the gubernatorial contest in liberal California, as he enjoys a strong position in the polls and the full-throated endorsement of President Trump ahead of next week’s primary.

Gavin Newsom is still the clear front-runner in the race. But Cox could advance to the general election if he secures a second-place finish next Tuesday — thanks to the state’s unique “jungle primary” system that advances the top two finishers regardless of party.

Online dating can be stressful, time-consuming, and downright awful. Thankfully, the best dating apps allow you to streamline the process. We’ve picked out and tried some of the top dating apps.

More News Kate Middleton’s focus is on the royal heir — er, hair! Dating back to her April 29, wedding day, those looking to the duchess as tresspiration become immediately familiar with the Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in the stylish London neighborhood of Chelsea. But there’s no royal treatment here. In fact, she “insists on visiting the salon rather than having them come to her,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Back in September, the year-old sat in Richard Ward’s salon for four hours getting her hair colored with an organic vegetable-based hair dye and of course, a sleek blowout to top things off. Start with hair that’s 80 percent wet and use a good blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a real-bristle brush. The serum memorizes the form and holds the curl in place while you blow dry. Kate Middleton talks about having children For more details on Kate’s life as a royal, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now!

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Share 30 shares Researchers say this is mostly due to the overall anatomy of the head in Habelia, and the presence of two small chelicerae-like appendages revealed in these fossils. Scientists have now re-evaluated the species artist’s impression , finding it belongs to the group of invertebrate animals called arthropods. The Cambrian Explosion, around million years ago, was a period when a wide variety of animals burst onto the evolutionary scene.

Before about million years ago, most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organised into colonies.

Dec 03,  · A new dating app promises to connect ‘those with beards to those who want to stroke beards’. Hugh Morris signs up Where Bristlr differs from other dating sites is .

Therapy doesn’t look at all like what you see on TV. I do have a couch, but people don’t lie down on it. And we’re not looking at inkblots or doing free association for an hour. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 2. Choose your degree and career path very carefully. There’s plenty you can do with just a master’s: The PhD gives you more options, like becoming a professor or opening a private practice.

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It takes a decade before you’re licensed.

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With his rugged style, the man has been working in the movie industry for half a century! Fish and Wildlife Service worker, Sam Elliott had to heavily convince his dad to help him fulfill his dream to become an actor. However, it had a big impact on their relationship.

The latest Tweets from Bristlr (@BristlrApp). A dating app connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards. Click to get the app!

The dating app is primarily a hot or not style swiping game, in which members must match to communicate, but rather than allowing either party to get the conversation rolling which in present-day online dating times is still primarily an activity men are tasked with , on Bumble women must initiate the conversation — a key feature that both makes the app stand out in the crowded hookup app ecosystem, and has attracted a large female user-base.

Depending on how much control you like to have over your online dating experience , the dating app is either a godsend, or something that can be frustrating. Navigating the site is pretty simple. You swipe right or left to show interest and when two people like each other a match is created. Connections are conveniently color coded, such as red for expiring connections and green for BFF connections. Men have the option to extend one match per day for an additional hours in hopes the woman will initiate a conversation.

For men this means no more wasted time trying to craft the perfect introductory message and zero feelings of rejection for sending out messages and not getting responses, but also diminishes how much control men have over their online dating experience. The hookup app is available in a free and premium version called Bumble Boost, the latter of which was launched in August The free version, which is the way the app was originally launched, works perfectly fine and provides a typical hot-or-not style hookup app dating experience that easily leads to hookups , casual dating, and, less likely but always possible, serious relationships.

If you want to crank it up a notch, Bumble Boost is available with a variety of purchase options plus discounts for buying months in bulk , and gives you three main premium features:

Japanese painting

This traditional design has close-set nylon pins set into an anti-static rubber cushion base. The best brushes of this type have pins that can be removed for thorough cleaning. This one is available in three sizes to suit your style and your handbag. GHD’s anti-static hairbrush, right, is brilliant for blowdrying and detangling short to medium-length hair. Designed to allow warm air to circulate directly at root level, this brush features a short row of teeth that lets you pick up hair more easily.

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There are many people with beards who like to have them stroked. Bristlr is the link between the two. Put simply, you use this app to chat to people nearby who like beards on themselves, or on others, or both. Is this a dating app? Maybe, it depends if you use it to go on dates. Most dating apps are pretty heavy going. We shifted the focus from hook ups to a more light-hearted, warmer-in-winter kind of thing. Instead of expecting to go home with someone, we hope to have a nice chat and share a mutual admiration of a beard or two.

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Season 11 24 full episodes Episode 25 – Goodnight, Seattle: Part 2 1 decade ago In part 2 of the finale of Frasier, Eddie is taken to the vet by the family during Martin and Ronee’s wedding rehersals, Niles and Daphne have very good news. Martin prepares to move out of appartment and Frasier decides on the offer put to him by his agent. Episode 24 – Goodnight, Seattle: Anne Ranberg, a fellow passenger.

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Timeline[ edit ] Ancient Japan and Asuka period until [ edit ] The origins of painting in Japan date well back into Japan’s prehistoric period. Mural paintings with both geometric and figural designs have been found in numerous tumuli dating to the Kofun period and Asuka period — AD. Along with the introduction of the Chinese writing system kanji , Chinese modes of governmental administration, and Buddhism in the Asuka period , many art works were imported into Japan from China and local copies in similar styles began to be produced.

Nara period — [ edit ] Mural painting from the Takamatsuzuka Tomb With the further establishment of Buddhism in 6th- and 7th-century Japan, religious painting flourished and was used to adorn numerous temples erected by the aristocracy. However, Nara-period Japan is recognized more for important contributions in the art of sculpture than painting.

These mural paintings, as well as painted images on the important Tamamushi Shrine include narratives such as jataka , episodes from the life of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni , in addition to iconic images of buddhas, bodhisattvas , and various minor deities. The style is reminiscent of Chinese painting from the Sui dynasty or the late Sixteen Kingdoms period. However, by the mid-Nara period, paintings in the style of the Tang dynasty became very popular.

These also include the wall murals in the Takamatsuzuka Tomb , dating from around AD. This style evolved into the Kara-e genre, which remained popular through the early Heian period. As most of the paintings in the Nara period are religious in nature, the vast majority are by anonymous artists. A noted early example is at the five-story pagoda of Daigo-ji , a temple south of Kyoto.

With the rising importance of Pure Land sects of Japanese Buddhism in the 10th century, new image-types were developed to satisfy the devotional needs of these sects. Stylistically, however, this type of painting continues to be informed by Tang Dynasty Chinese “blue and green style” landscape painting traditions.

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Edit The first models were light weight machines on rubber jointed tracks with an Air cooled Flat twin engine designed and built by Douglas in The Douglas company was hoping sales of the tractor would boost the company, but this was not successful and they went bust soon after. The company was broken up and Bristol Tractors Ltd formed by a former director.

The firm moved to Sunbeam Road in London.

Dating site and need to stroke it requires a bit of his beard dating app for a growth of your virgin trains, bearddate. Most dating site for a kent bristle brush. Man.

Women today love being in control. The aim of this new application is to give women the same experiment on Tinder but without the numerous unsuccessful requests they can receive this application. Discover Bumble, the application created by former employees of Tinder. A competitor who strongly resembles the original application as the design and operation are similar. This week, the application was released in the App Store and gives us a first impression of the product.

Bumble is a copy of Tinder: In the same way that the famous meeting application, you can choose the age and options to meet men, women or both. For now, users do not have control of the distance we guess it will come later if Bumble becomes as popular as Tinder. On Bumble dating App it is women who have the power: Bumble also gives more information than Tinder as level of education, work and the company where you are.

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