No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald

Recent Soviet Military Activities in Cuba 1. U-2 photography of 2? August ccmfiras extensive Soviet nllitary deliveries to Cuba in recent weekcs. Surface-to-air missile SAM sites, guided missile boats, and additional land armaments were observed. Bae photography shows eight SAM sites being set up. One probable assembly area has been identified and SAM equipment has been located at one additional site.

Batman Beyond (Western Animation)

These two friends are as different from one another as can be. Jane Rizzoli Angie Harmon is a no-nonsense cop with an attitude and tomboy inclinations. Maura Isles Sasha Alexander is a brilliant though eccentric medical examiner, much more feminine and mild than Jane. As odd of a pairing as they may be, Jane and Maura are close friends who are always there for one another and have each other’s back.

This show contains examples of: Maura is held prisoner in an abandoned mental hospital in “Hide and Seek”.

NSA is an abbreviation for National Security Agency. From Wikipedia: “The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is a cryptologic intelligence ag ency of the United.

As Golden explains, countries including China and Russia send spies disguised as students into classrooms and labs in the United States — and the United States recruits students and faculty from overseas to be informants. He reported for the Boston Globe for 17 years and is now a Boston-based senior editor at the nonprofit ProPublica, an independent investigative news organization. How did you arrive on this topic? I thought it was an amazing and unique yarn, but then a couple of intelligence insiders whom I spoke to said that it was common for U.

And soon I grasped that foreign intelligence agencies were also active on U. So the theme became that globalization had transformed American universities into a front line for both domestic and foreign espionage. Q A family member was approached by the CIA many decades ago while he was in college in Chicago but declined. Can you give us a broad look at how long this has been going on and what it looks like now?

And I see nothing wrong with U. What I focus on is quite different: In the case of U.


The War on Terror is a Fraud “In the mid-’80s, if you remember He [Osama bin Laden] came to thank me for my efforts to bring the Americans, our friends, to help us against the atheists. First, the United States began a troop surge in Afghanistan designed to deliver the final blow to the Taliban insurgency.

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It features a wonderful vignette that includes a native pushing a mining cart, canoes and a hut. The red and black “Beneficiary share” certificate measures approximately 8. The certificate was issued after Beneficiary shares received dividends upon presentation of the coupons attached to the certificate. The Kilo-Moto mines were gold mines located in the north-east corner of what was then Belgian Congo and is now Zaire. Gold mining started in Kilo about and in Moto about The company was formed in , taking over the mining in both areas.

The company had a concession area was 80, sq. In the ‘s it was one of the largest gold mines in Africa, employing some 19, locals. After Congo’s independence in output declined severely. In the mines were nationalized and regular production has now almost completely ceased.

CIA Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis,

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Abbreviation for “Not Secret Anymore” which can be used in general not to be confused with the abbreviation for the National Security Agency. Everything I say and do on my laptop, on the internet and worse, in what used to be the comfort, safety and privacy of my own home, is NSA.

A Man’s Life Going Undercover: How to Protect Your Privacy Online Internet privacy has been a hot topic of conversation in the last year. From Edward Snowden, to high-profile credit card hacks, to conversations about wearable technology like Google Glass. These are conversations that are not going away anytime soon, either.

The new book Dragnet Nation has gotten some attention lately, with author Julia Angwin appearing on quite a few media outlets, including a recent 60 Minutes feature. I gave it a read, and honestly, it scared the pants off me a little bit. What was more surprising to me was learning about the vast ad networks and identity thieves that are buying and selling my personal information as if it was a can of beans on a grocery shelf.

One quick example that floored me: You know all those coupons and ads you get when you move to a new place? That happens because the US Postal Service is selling that information to advertisers.

Lifting the Veil

I will be coming back to http: That means, you have to show Pag-IBIG your source of income, which is not necessarily from employment. In many cases, your employer will be the one to process for your membership and your contributions will also be deducted from your monthly payroll. You can check with your employer or observe every payslip that you receive. Voluntary Self-Paying means you will shoulder all of the payments and contributions — no employer counter-part.

And it is open to all companies, public, private and even non-government organizations.

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Although most of his coworkers are afraid of him, they also know to come to him in dangerous situations. When Morgan Grimes is appointed assistant manager, Casey uses his special operations skills to quell Jeff and Lester’s insurrection; Morgan gives him a raise and appoints him “deputy assistant manager” in appreciation. Chuck Versus the Intersect Pilot. For most of the series, he was a background character, although his appearance was sometimes used for comedic effect.

Bunny made her speaking debut in ” Chuck Versus the Cougars “, when Lester who became assistant manager at the time, has the bright idea to cut all the prices on stock to sell more while Big Mike is on a fishing trip. Chuck Versus the Cougars. At least some of the company vehicles used by the Nerd Herd, called ” Herders “, have been secretly modified for spy missions. Zachary Levi ‘s audition reveals that the division was originally to be named the Geek Force.

He quits at the end of season 2 and is assigned to work at Buy More again at the beginning of season 3 as part of his cover. Chuck’s frequent absences from the Buy More during work hours are explained as being on-site service calls. Although his department supervisor position is not considered store management per se, both the sales associates and Nerd Herd staff look to him for guidance and leadership. Co-worker Anna Wu Julia Ling explains to a corporate efficiency expert that the store’s chain of command is “There’s Chuck, then there’s the rest of us.

Who makes the trains run on time? Who provides your moral compass?

Hobbes’ Internet Timeline

You’re pretty strong, for some clown who thinks he’s Batman. It was produced by the same powerhouse team that helmed both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman:

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How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust — time to act

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